Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mama Drama

We’re bad, bad gays. How on earth did we miss the first season of Joan & Melissa: Mother Knows Best?

We were fully aware it existed because we’d seen clips on The Soup or at our plastic surgery support group, but we never recorded it.

Again, what were we thinking?

Then last week, we received the first three episodes of the second season and now we’re completely addicted. Sure, we don’t for a second believe that many of the zany situations occur naturally, but who cares. Rivers is a master of the one-liner and this is one of the most entertaining shows on TV, reality or otherwise.

It’s sort of like a real-world Absolutely Fabulous, with Joan as the crazy, free-spirited mother and Melissa as the buzz-kill daughter who’s suddenly thrust into the role of parenting her 78-year-old mom.

Among Joan’s antics in just the first two episodes: another elective cosmetic procedure (preceded by a Melissa-initiated skintervention), mentoring her young grandson’s friend to become a standup comedian, and giving a Hollywood tour to Melissa’s boyfriend’s annoying parents, which leads her to smoking medicinal marijuana and getting stoned on a Harold & Kumar level.

Because Joan is the queen of self-deprecation, nothing is off-limits. In the premiere episode we get to see her sans makeup for a good chunk of time, which is pretty brave for someone so concerned about maintaining a perfect appearance.

But no matter whom she’s making fun of, she’s funny. Laugh-out-loud hilarious, as a matter of fact.

So yes, this is yet another series that’s making it to our DVR’s season pass list. Because we’d rather laugh intentionally at Joan than out of pity with the Kardashians any day.

Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?
Season two premieres tomorrow night on WE TV
9:00 p.m EST, 8:00 p.m. CST