Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Wall Flowers (And Other Art)

What do you mean you’ve outgrown that Starry Night poster you’ve carried with you from dorm room to apartment to house? How can that be?

Funny how original art becomes more important as we grow older. And while 99% of the world isn’t collecting original originals, there is an alternative that’s several steps above that framed print of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s still hanging in your bathroom.

It’s called Stampa, the creation of Stephanie Pesakoof, who has spent the past 16 years discovering, encouraging and fostering the talents of commercial illustrators. Each week, she introduces a new artist series for a limited time, so the inventory of fabulous, exclusive archival prints is ever-changing.

And the prices are fab, too. Like Catwalk (above) from Sara Singh, which fetches a bargain-rate 100 bucks for an unframed 8×10. A much larger 18×24 framed version will only set you back $800.

So, Stampa fills a great artistic void somewhere between the real Mona Lisa and an autographed vintage print of From Justin to Kelly.