Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Your Bubbly Valentine

Valentine’s Day is about three things and three things only: Chocolate, Champagne and sex on a hot air balloon.

And for each item, you want to make sure to knock his socks off with something outstanding and memorable (especially that last one). But today, we’re here to talk about Champagne – the real deal, not just some sparkling wine pretending to be from France.

Our new pink love is Louis de Sacy Grand Cru Rosé, an artisanal Champagne from a family-run vineyard in Verzy. The award winning rosé is made of 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Pinot Meunier (also known as Black Riesling.) Not overly sweet, it has a nice balance of flavors.

At nearly $20 less than a comparable bottle of Veuve Clicquot, it’s quite the bargain, too.

But our favorite part has got to be the vibrant pink color. Stunning in a Champagne flute nestled on a table among rich red roses and a gourmet, home-cooked meal, each element works in harmony to complement our milky smooth skin as we approach in nothing but an apron and a smile.

Louis de Sacy Champagne has just become widely available in the U.S., so look for it at your favorite wine shop or online.

Because Valentine’s only comes once a year, it’s important to make it perfect.

Or at least get him drunk enough that he doesn’t know the difference.

$36.46 online at grapediscounts.com