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Cup of Dreams

It took us years to like coffee. We were already waking up with something bitter every morning, why drink it, too? But soon we learned that there’s a huge difference between coffee and good coffee.

Suddenly, everything changed.

Show us a French press and we get a little excited in our naughty place. Brew a fresh pot and we’ll rise and shine almost as fast as if bacon were frying. Bring out one of those cute little cow-shaped creamer dispensers and we dance a fun little jig.

So now that we’re infatuated with the java, we’re on an endless search for top-quality beans and interesting flavor profiles. One of our favorites is a brand we just discovered this week.

It’s called Sogno (Italian for dream).

This great little coffee company roasts all its own Arabica beans in a custom-made roaster then ships them out quickly so they’re super fresh. Available in four varieties, including Sole (Sun), their bold variety; Vento (the Wind), espresso; Cielo (Sky), medium roast; and, Nuvola (Cloud), decaf.

Our favorite is the Cielo, but they’re all wonderfully flavorful and delightfully complex.

You can order your selections as either whole beans or already ground for your pleasure. The site even allows you to select the type of grind, whether you’re using a French press, a stovetop percolator (how retro!), Turkish grind or a standard electric drip.

Hint: two 10-ounce bags are only a penny more than one 16-ounce bag, so keep that in mind when placing your online order.

Then wait for the best-smelling package to arrive at your doorstep since the mailman’s bag fell in a vat of CK One.

10-ounce bag, $6.50; 16-ounce bag, $12.99