Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sin, Full

Repenting is for quitters. We’re firm believers of anything and everything in moderation. Especially the seven deadly sins, which we simply refer to as “seven fun things to do on a Tuesday.”

After all…

Without gluttony, Golden Corral would be out of business.

Without lust, Grindr would simply be something we put our coffee beans into.

And without pride, there would be no Gay Deadly Sin #3 Parade every June.

Of course, there’s also wrath, sloth, greed and envy to throw into the mix. We’re pretty partial to most of those on occasion, too.

So why hide those feelings?

We’re all sinners, but most of all, as a species we’re often very, very thirsty. That’s why we love these 7 Deadly Sins 14-ounce glasses. (Also available in shot size.)

Each features a mischievous little devil acting out his favorite sin, etched right into the glassware. Not only are they fun conversation starters, they make it easy to keep track of which drink is yours.

Just be happy with the glass you’re given. Nobody likes an envious drunk.

$72, set of seven glasses
$45, set of seven shotglasses