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Lent Trap

Well, Fat Tuesday’s officially over. And today, millions of people around the world are giving up something near and dear to them for the 40-day observation of Lent.

Us? We observe Lent Lite™: giving up something difficult every day for a 24-hour period. Coming up with 40 vices is a lot of work, but we somehow we end up with leftovers every year.

So this got us to thinking about another kind of lent, as in all those things we’ve let our friends borrow over the years to never see again.

Now you can keep everything in your world organized in one handy app, iLend.

Whether it’s cash, your favorite G-string or a priceless, irreplaceable family heirloom that just happens to fit perfectly into your friend’s elaborate birthday party theme, this handy little tool helps ensure the safe return of the objects of your temporary generosity.

Take a picture of the item, tag it to someone in your contact list (or create a new one), and categorize it quickly. It’ll remind you when it’s time to get the item back, making it easy to send a text message or email request.

No more…

“I wonder who has my crab brush.”

“Which stripper did I pay $500 to bail out of jail?”

“Damn, if only I had The Complete History of the Sequin DVD box set back for movie night.”

Now, you’ll always know who’s got what. And if they don’t bring it back, then you’ve already got Exhibit A when you sue them in the court of the wise and honorable Judge Judy.

Judgment for the plaintiff!

$1.99 for iPhone or iPad