Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

History, Channeled

We’re still trying to get back into the will after last year’s Mother’s Day Gift debacle. She’s old, forgetful and usually drunk, so we figured a last-minute stack of lottery scratch-offs from the convenience store by her house would be sufficient. But no, apparently the chance to win $50,000 a week for life wasn’t a thoughtful present.

So this year, we’re planning ahead. Way ahead.

That’s why we’re turning to Legacy Keepers for something really special.

The company specializes in compiling books, audio CDs and videos that help preserve family stories for younger generations. So we’re gathering all our sisters, step-sisters, half-sisters and quadruplet brothers together (Mom’s multiple marriages produced nothing if not a well-populated family tree) for an interview with the Legacy Keepers pros.

With their national network of personal historians, filmmakers, editors and designers, they work to capture all the details and preserve our favorite memories for Mom and Dad #7 (above) to enjoy.

The service isn’t cheap, but it’s unparalleled in quality and exacting detail, making it not only the ultimate family history collection, but what we can pretty much guarantee as the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever.

Starting at $975

Watch this very sweet excerpt from Muskant family’s video. (And no, that’s not really our mother. It’s Old Lady Muskant and her husband Ray. We wish our parents were this nice, and sober.)