Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Motion Pictures

We’re still on a high from Oscar Night, even though it was over a week ago. Sure, the Billy Crystal bits are getting a little tired, but all in all, it’s still a fun 7 hours of entertainment, glamour and bizarre leg posturing. (She stole that move from us, by the way. It’s our signature urinal pose.)

All the accolades for filmmakers made us want to make our own Oscar-worthy shorts. And we’ve found an app that’ll make them really short.

As in a true motion picture. Not a movie, not a photo, but somewhere in between.

With the new Cinemagram app for iPhone and iPad 2, record a quick 2-3 second clip (meaning some of you out there could film an entire sex act), select a portion of the video to animate, add a filter if you want, and share to Facebook or Twitter. It’s that easy.

So what exactly does it do? Everything in the final Cinemagram becomes STILL, except for the portion that you want to keep in motion. This YouTube video makes it perfectly clear.

We may not win an Academy Award for the three-second motion picture we just filmed, but it’s sure fun to have another app to keep us from doing the other 372 things on our To-Do list.

Like create another signature leg move and get a patent on it this time.

$1.99 on www.itunes.com

Here’s our creepy creation…


Created with cinemagr.am