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Fly Like A Cheapskate

The airlines are driving us crazy while flying.

Extra fees for everything from aisle seats to checked baggage to something as essential as a glass of water on some carriers. By the time all the added charges are rolled in, what appears to be a relatively inexpensive flight can turn into a costly journey, exasperated by feelings of being swindled.

But the prices are set and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Until Flightfox.

This bare-bones web site doesn’t have fancy graphics (see above for proof of that), complicated search engines, or anything we’ve come to expect from travel booking sites – except potentially huge savings.

Simply select your travel cities, dates and whether those dates are firm or flexible for maximum discounts. Agree to a finder’s fee of as little as $29 and experts compete to win that fee through contests to find you cheaper flights using industry shortcuts.

We found instances where Flightfox saved from $50 to more than hundreds over what we could book through other sites.

The more complicated your itinerary, the more they’re likely to save you. Simple non-stop domestic flights might not yield huge savings, but the cost of multi-city international trips can be significantly reduced (sometimes by thousands).

The only downside is that you have to do the final booking yourself, but Flightfox experts provide extremely detailed instructions to access the deals. Just act quickly or they could disappear.

But even if we save enough to buy a $10 can of Pringles on our flight, color us happy.