Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Keeping Up With The Persians

Ryan Seacrest, you’ve got too much time on your hands. You’d think you’d be busy with the 37 jobs you already hold, but no, you had to go and exec-produce yet another reality show about a fame-hungry family.

Sure, Shahs of Sunset is mildly interesting because it features a relatively untapped demographic: Super-wealthy Persians who lost everything in Iran and rebuilt in Beverly Hills. But if the first episode is any indication, giving these annoying, narcissistic elitists an hour of airtime each week is more toxic than any nuclear threat their former country may pose.

What is America’s fascination with rich people behaving like tyrants?

Watching them doesn’t make us envious of their admittedly fabulous materialism, it makes us want to smack them with a six-inch Louboutin heel. Especially the utterly worthless GG, one of the snottiest, most talentless women this side of Paris Hilton. She happily brags about being 30 and on “daddy’s payroll” and that she hates “ants and ugly people.”

Poor people also get knocked.

So why are we writing about this trash? First, as a warning of what you’re getting into. But also because we’re oddly fascinated by one of the lead cast members, Reza, a cocky gay man who (if we’re going to throw around the “ugly” word) would be more attractive if he’d ditch the Borat mustache.

Mostly, we’re curious about the struggle of being gay and Persian, a complicated combination. Reza may not be the most humble representative for the disproportionately small Gayranian population, but at least his presence on TV as an out and proud homosexual can hopefully provide young Persian kids (or gay, real estate mogul wannabes) with a role model of some sort.

Other than that, we can’t wait to keep up with these people every week – in clips on The Soup.

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