Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Que Sera, Sarah

Whatever will be, will be funny.

At least when it comes to the quick-witted Sarah Colonna, roundtable regular on Chelsea Lately, and author of the new book “Life as I Blow It.”

Bitch! That was the title of our in-the-works memoir.

(Oh well. Back to the blowing board.)

We covet and cherish Chelsea Handler’s books so much, we divvy out one chapter per night to ourselves in order to make the hilarity last longer. Well, now we have the next-best thing (or equal thing if we dare stroke Colonna’s ego).

Admittedly as big a drunk as Handler, she’s got a ton of great stories of humiliation from childhood through today. Her writing style is very similar to that of her boss, including the ability to paint so vivid a picture of her lowest points in life that we almost spit out our vodka while reading. (Almost. We’re professional drinkers, too.)

Handler and Colonna met each other at an improv class when they were both in their twenties, so it’s no wonder their sense of humors are as in sync as their cycles. Comedic cycles, of course. We have a strict no-menstruation-joke rule here.

Her stories of Mexican vacations, bartending and dating the customers, as well as more monumental events like virginity misplacement, everything comes across as the funniest story ever. That’s some pretty good writing.

And some really great reading.

Life As I Blow It: Tales of Love, Life & Sex . . . Not Necessarily in That Order
$10.20 at Amazon.com
$9.99 at iBookstore