Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pluckin’ Amazing

When the economy first turned sour a few years ago, we had to really find ways to cut back. Without sacrificing our rugged good looks and pristine grooming rituals, of course.

That meant making homemade shampoo, getting our hair cut once per month instead of twice weekly, and combining six years worth of hotel amenities into one giant bottle of surprisingly rich and fragrant body moisturizer.

We even found it necessary to grow out our fingernails for our tweezing and plucking needs. You know, the way nature intended it.

But now, things are much better financially and not only are we back to using name-brand hair products, we’ve also bought all new grooming tools.

Our favorite is the Pop of Op line of Tweezerman slant tweezers. The mini version (shown above) is perfect for keeping in your pocket for any tweezing emergency imaginable. (You never know when a three-incher will pop out of your nose like some wiry alien.)

The Pop of Op tweezers are great to look at, sure, but they’re also the best tweezers we’ve ever owned, because maintaining our perfectly arched eyebrows is all about precision.

And making unibrowers everywhere jealous as hell.

Available in blue, lavender or pink