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America’s Next Top Remodel

The bitch is back.

Jeff Lewis, the handsome, Jolie-lipped object of our redecorated bedroom fantasies has a new show. Instead of flipping entire houses, though, he’s moved on to smaller projects in his new Bravo show, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis.

In this supremely entertaining home makeover show, Lewis’ often catty, always blunt, diva-like attitude is actually a little bit kinder and gentler. Sorta. He still screams at his contractors when premiere-episode mishaps like causing not one but three separate water leaks jeopardize the whole job. He just copes faster.

He’s the king (or queen) of the end justifying the means. Utilizing his undeniably gifted eye for design and layout, Lewis helps transform problem parts of people’s homes in a matter of days, a timeline that helps add drama to the show.

But don’t think this is like old-school Trading Spaces where there’s a low budget to match the shortened schedule. Here he’s working with people who have the money to afford his impeccable taste, with the bonus (?) of getting him as a houseguest so he can make the most of every minute.

Along to help keep things running smoothly are his wildly funny assistant, Jenni Pulos, and his ever-loyal housekeeper, Zoila – the only two people who can tolerate his tirades and tantrums by dishing it back as good as he gives.

It’s a dysfunctional three-way love story, really.

In the end, somebody on-screen gets a kick-ass shower and a sexy custom-made sofa, while we’re stuck watching from our papassan, dreaming of what we’d do with Jeff Lewis trapped in our house for three days.

It wouldn’t be picking out color swatches, that’s for sure.

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis
Premieres tonight on Bravo
9:00 p.m./8:00 p.m. Central