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Dude, Where’s My Son?

Don’t mess with a pissed-off mother. Especially if she’s a former CIA agent.

In ABC’s new action series, Missing, Ashley Judd plays a mom whose college-age son is abducted in Europe, sending her on a whirlwind overseas hunt to find him before something even worse happens.

The series takes what could’ve been a pretty bad Lifetime movie and turns it into a showcase for Judd to kick some serious butt. There are plenty of tiny details that make this not a great show, but it’s definitely entertaining if you leave a little logic next to your remote control and just go with the flow.

It has a definite Alias vibe with the exotic locales and high production values, so that’s a definite plus for anyone who misses that once-great spy series. We can never get enough tough-as-nails women who can fire a machine gun with grace then put on a gown and blend in at any high-society party.

Whether or not the premise will get tired as she searches for her son week after week after week remains to be seen, but the first two episodes show promise.

And when it comes to kidnapping victims, it doesn’t hurt that Nick Eversman is pretty easy on the eyes. We just have to remind ourselves that even though he’s playing an 18-year-old, he’s really 26.

So check out Missing tonight and get ready to watch our girl Ashley take out a few bad guys. It’s definitely more exciting than some basketball championship.

Premieres tonight 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. Central