Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Picnic In The Sky

When’s the last time you got full on a bag of peanuts? Or felt like $6 for a can of potato chips was fairly priced.

Now there’s a solution for all your in-flight snacking needs that doesn’t come off a cart pushed by a flight attendant.

It’s called GoPicnic. These non-perishable meals-in-a-box are not just affordable, they’re filled with interesting, healthy options that will all pass through security without incident. (Unlike that giant salami with a clock strapped to it that they thought was a bomb for some odd reason.)

There’s a box featuring hummus and dried edamame. Another with turkey pepperoni and cheese. Or make quick enemies with everyone around you by popping open some tuna and crackers.

All together, there are more than a dozen choices that can be easily searched by keywords like gluten-free, vegan or kosher.

Each box clearly labels the calorie count, as well as fiber and protein contents. Plus, on the bottom of each box interior is a game of Sudoku.

Because you know some jerk’s already filled out the one in the in-flight magazine.

$3.50 – $4.99