Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

It’s A Wonderful Woman

Imagine a world where Wonder Woman never existed.

Not only would gay men of a certain age have never experienced the confusion of simultaneously being mesmerized by cleavage and knee-high boots, but Halloween would be devoid one of its most popular costumes. That’s sad in all directions.

But now, whether you’re a tie-me-up-with-golden-rope die-hard fan or newly discovering Lynda Carter’s iconic turn as the superheroine on DVD, there’s finally a definitive guide to every episode.

Introducing Channel Surfing: Wonder Woman, the latest pop-culture treasure trove from superfan Mike Pingel, whose new Betty White book is next on his résumé.

Inside this complete encyclopedia of the TV series, Pingel delves into far more than simple recaps of the series’ 60 episodes. There are also exclusive interviews with Lynda Carter, series producer Douglas S. Cramer and guest stars like Joan van Ark.

Delightful tidbits of trivia fill in the cracks, along with photos of Carter and details of her post-Wonder Woman career.

Plus, there’s a quote on the back cover from none other than Gay List Daily, so it should come as little surprise that love this book almost as much as Wonder Woman.

Let’s just say, we may or may not be wearing our bustier and gold cuffs as we type this now.

$17.99 at amazon.com