Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


In the category of Things You’ll Buy No Matter What Anyone Says, we proudly present Madonna’s latest album, MDNA.

We got an advance, super-secret, for-our-ears-only, we’ll-kill-you-if-you-leak-it streaming copy of the album a week ago and we quickly went through our allotted four playbacks, so we’re just as happy as anyone that the real deal is available today.

And we’re thrilled to say that Madonna is back at the top of her game.

She’s one of those artists whose albums we’ll buy sight unseen (or song unheard) because we’re such big fans. Yet even those of us who worship the ground she gyrates on know that for every Ray of Light, there’s an American Life. For every Music, there’s a Hard Candy. It’s like she needs to put out a pleasing, but not groundbreaking or chart-topping, palate-cleansing album between every monumental release.

After our four listens, we’re fully convinced that MDNA is up there with her all-time best. With 16 new tracks (plus one LMFAO remix of “Give Me All Your Lovin’”), it’s a full hour of catchy pop, dance floor anthems and introspective ballads, each revealing more of the singer’s life.

Because we’re fully aware that this isn’t Rolling Stone, we don’t feel the need to dissect every song and lyric. In fact, chances are, you’re already listening to the album as you read this.

But just in case you’ve been living under a RCK, or just came back from a bad case of AMNSA, stop reading now, CLK on the LNK below and get MDNA already.

Girl’s got a family to feed!

$14.99 Deluxe Edition on www.itunes.com
$7.99 at Fab.com (this week only!)