Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Don’t Drop The Soap

What you wrap your hand around in the shower every morning says a lot about you as a person.

For us, we prefer grabbing a bottle of liquid body wash. That’s because bar soap has always creeped us out. Mostly because we grew up in a boarding house and shared a bathroom with 16 abnormally hairy women.

But now, we think we may have finally overcome our hard-to-diagnose PTFLS (post-traumatic furry lady syndrome). That’s because we absolutely love rubbing ourselves with the Kona Athletic Bar from Moksa after a nice CrossFit workout. Or a long night on the dance floor.

Just in time for the hot-and-sweaty months comes a mild blend of organic cooling oils, natural menthol and not one bit of palm oil (one of the top causes of deforestation around the world).

This is one bar soap you’re going to want to hold onto firmly.

The menthol helps soothe our bulging biceps (and other manly muscles) for a nice, tingly feeling that erases all traces of that workout stench. Just be careful using it on your face or that menthol may leave you in tears.

And nobody likes to see a guy crying in the locker room. Especially while he’s bent over looking for the soap.

$6.50 (50¢ of each purchase donated to Algalita Research Marine Foundation)