Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Breath of Fresh Hair

We all know at least one smelly bitch.

Sure, it’s hard to blame her instincts to eat birds, chase squirrels and roll around in her own poop. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept the lovely fragrance that comes with all those precious activities.

That’s why we love Pepper and Tanky, makers of fine cologne for dogs.

Like those totally believable Febreze commercials where blindfolded people crawl around and can’t smell dead fish and rotten meat, we conducted our own experiment.

We took one of our stinkiest dogs, spritzed her down with a little of the Big Dawg fragrance, then blindfolded our friend, Linda.

Holding our dog’s butt in her face, we asked her to take a big whif. And you know what? She completely freaked out, ripped her clothes off and pounded her head on the table until her nose bled. (Our bad for not knowing she had a fear of blindfolds.)

But in between pulling out tufts of her own hair, she commented on how springtime fresh our cute little puppy-wuppy smelled. Mission accomplished!

Each of the four available fragrances is completely dog-safe and made from the finest natural oils. They smell so good, we’ve been tempted to use them ourselves. Plus, like any good perfume, they’re actually made in France!

Because when it comes to our favorite bitches, we spare no expense.

Just ask Linda.