Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Down Under (And In Between)

Ah, springtime!

The birds are chirping merrily on high, the flowers are bursting forth with a rainbow’s worth of blooms, and that sensitive area between your butt cheeks is starting to chafe.

That’s because you’re in the final stages of shedding that winter weight and you’re working out. A lot.

And you’re sweating. A lot.

It’s something nobody likes to talk about, but at the same time, how could we resist telling you about a product called 3B Action Cream?

It treats all the Bs a body could offer up: Breasts, buttocks and between the legs (which also includes a fourth, unmarketed B zone hanging between them).

Touted as Australia’s number-one preventative anti-chafing cream (and you know those Aussies are famous for their red, rashy bits), it’s something that any active person should keep in his or her gym bag.

Not only does it keep your skin from chafing, it also prevents certain fungal infections from forming.

Because nobody wants to take you to bed and find mushrooms growing between your thighs.

Starting at $13.95 (or buy 3, get 4th free)