Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

It Gets Wetter

Sex can be messy. Both in actuality and for how it affects one-night stands relationships.

And it’s incredible how little some college students know about it – or how to safely have fun in the sack.

That’s where Dan Savage comes in with his new television series, Savage U, debuting tomorrow on MTV. Many people only know him as one of the driving forces behind the It Gets Better anti-bullying campaign, but he’s also yet another sex advice columnist with made-for-TV good looks (a la Dr. Drew).

Plus, he’s pretty damn hilarious.

The show follows him as he and his producer, Lauren Hutchinson, drive around the country to universities where he answers all the (sometimes literally) burning questions about sex, either in a mass lecture setting or during one-on-one interactions with students.

Savage provides a common sense take on each person’s problems, all in a constructive and nurturing manner. There are plenty of gay questions and, of course, he’s very open and honest about his own homosexual relationship.

If you need to know whether a BJ or a handie is worth more points for college students keeping score, or simply wish to find out what’s going on in today’s universities outside the classrooms (though having sex in the libraries seems to be pretty popular), this is the show for u.

Savage U
Premieres tomorrow night, 11 p.m./10 p.m. CST