Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Yay for Pay

When our parents were in the prime of their careers, they had Cathy, Ziggy and the Family Circus to keep them duly motivated.

But who has time to read an entire comic strip these days? We need our encouragement like we like our men: quick, pretty and of very few words. That’s why we’re shouting Yay! for just the cutest darned company ever, Yay! Life!

Currently focusing on magnets for your home and car, they’re soon to expand into greeting cards and iron-on transfers, too. Consisting simply of the word YAY! and something to cheer about after, the messages are fast and to the point. Yet they always make us smile, especially the ones seemingly created with us gays in mind.

Of course, there’s the most direct approach of Yay! Gay!, but there are also plenty of others that we’re ready to slap on our bumper.

Like Yay! Firefighters!; Yay! Balls!; Yay! Cabaret!; or Yay! Cowboy Butts!.

Lesbians have their own faves, too. There’s Yay! Beavers!; Yay! Boobies!; Yay! Cats! (They’ll need at least 17 of those per household); and Yay! Clams! to round things off.

Though there is one product that we just can’t endorse. It’s the Yay! Crabs! magnet. We just don’t understand why you’d be excited for that.

Unless, perhaps, they’re thinking of something different altogether…

$3.50 – $5.95