Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tru Blu

There are movies that define generations.

For many of our parents, it was Rebel Without A Cause.

For others, it was Star Wars.

And for Cher, it was The Birth of a Nation.

Then there are the films that changed the lives of millions of gays. That film, for us, was undoubtedly Madonna: Truth or Dare. (Well, if you don’t count the monumental crush we had on the boy in the original Escape to Witch Mountain.)

It was this intimate, candid look at Madonna’s life that made us undying fans of the diva for life. She seemed so real. So fun to be around. So delightfully bitchy to Kevin Costner.

We just knew we were destined to be her BFF, which meant we dreamt about it nightly. We toured with her, watched movies in bed together and ate cheeseburgers in submarines. It was glorious.

Well, here we all are 21 years later with a high-definition version of this iconic movie, finally on Blu-ray. The only extra feature is the original theatrical trailer, but in a movie that’s all behind-the-scenes, what other extras could we need?

So, spritz yourself with Truth or Dare perfume, pop in the disc and declare today a Holiday.

And maybe see how far you can deep-throat a water bottle to show your true allegiance.

$9.99 Blu-ray, $7.99 DVD on amazon.com
$14.99 on iTunes