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Swipe A New Watch

Remember when the ultimate cool accessory was a calculator watch?

Oh wait, we forget not everyone reading this was a big nerd like we were. But trust us, calculator watches were the quickest way to turn off a high-school girl. And we’ll be forever grateful.

Well, digital watches have come a long way. And one of the space-age-iest entries into the market is the new World Time Sport watch from Phosphor.

Featuring buttonless operation, all you have to do is swipe your finger across the case to easily change modes. You can display dual time zones (if you’re having a long-distance relationship with somebody in Borneo, for instance). Or show the time and date in a variety of configurations.

The watch is relatively thin and ultra lightweight. The unified band and case make for a truly sleek appearance, whether you choose the all-white, all-black or black-and-orange color combination.

Truth be told, it takes a couple minutes to get used to the programming functions, but once you’ve mastered the swipes, you’ll be showing off the time in far-off places.

Faster than you can spell BOOBS on a calculator watch.

Starting at $99