Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Bleach Boys

Love may see no color, but bleach sure as heck does.

And it loves to spread its hate, like some nasty off-white supremacist.

On more than one occasion bleach has been found guilty of turning our most beloved, tight-fitting, midnight blue, v-neck tees into pathetic displays of mental-institution tie-dye.

Well now, bleach has finally met its match. Whether it’s in the kitchen, the bathroom or your sauna-for-twenty.

No matter how vivid the color of towels, be they wine, purple or moss, no amount of accidental Clorox exposure can take away the brilliance of towels from BleachSafe.

Simply wash the towels with regular bleach and all the germs and bacteria that typically call the soft, cozy fabric home are killed for good. Hot water’s no problem, either.

Even though kitchen towels (above) are the only products BleachSafe technically sells for home use, spa towels and other products are available by the dozen.

Because we know how you love to entertain come pool season.

Starting at $1.99/each