Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pore Thing

For those of us with dashing good looks and little to no marketable talents, our faces are everything.

They’re how we get seated at the best tables without reservations.

They’re what we use to score free drinks in every gay bar on the planet.

And they’re the reason Brad Pitt continues to send us threatening letters to “cease and desist handsomeness immediately.”

But our faces are more than a ticket to the good life.

They’re also the one part of our body that requires the most work to stay young-looking and healthy. We pluck, we shave, we stay out of the sun.

Yet the best way for anyone to look his or her best is the most elementary of all: proper cleansing.

Using your hands or even a washcloth are not enough. That’s why we’ve found a permanent spot on our bathroom vanity for our favorite skincare gadget, the new Mia2 from Clarisonic.

The two-speed rechargeable cleanser uses a patented sonic frequency that pulses the soft bristles 300 times every second. In just one minute, using circular motions to focus on forehead, nose, chin, and each cheek, you’re cleaning your skin twice as good as manual cleansing.

And removing six times the makeup (if that’s your thing).

After just one use, our skin looked more radiant. Within a week of twice-daily sessions, blemishes were gone and our pores were tighter than a bottom’s maiden voyage.

As impurities were drawn out, we did experience a day or two of mild breakouts, so don’t worry if that happens. It was very brief and now that we’re on the other side, we look a full 6.3 years younger.

Take that, Mr. Jolie.