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Chill Out In Bed

While some things in the bedroom should be hot, your pillow isn’t one of them.

We’re all bracing for Global Warming Summer From Hell 2012, so our attention is turning to anything that will help us keep our cool without racking up a $600 electric bill.

We’ve always lamented about sleeping on a hot pillow. (It just feels gross.) And constantly flipping the pillow over all night long to find a cool spot isn’t any way to get a good night’s shut-eye.

But we’ve uncovered an exciting new invention, the super-space-age PolarPillow.

Within 10 seconds after making contact with the PolarPillow, the gel inside activates and cools your face up to 10 degrees. It’s refreshing, lasts for up to two hours while you drift into Dreamland, and promotes a deeper, more restful sleep. (They’ve got science to prove it!)

You won’t want to have any naughty sorority-style pillow fights with this one, though. It weighs in at just over 12 pounds.

But on the plus side, it takes half the work out of smothering someone to death. You know, if you’re still into old-school murder techniques.

$99 (includes free shipping)