Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Drinking Games

People always ask us, “If we could buy you any gift under your mandated $500 limit, what would it be?”

(You Gay Listers are all so thoughtful!)

Our wish list changes almost daily, but if you insist on splurging to thank us for toiling away at our computers every day to bring you the latest must-have information (and hopefully a laugh or two along the way), who are we to let the IRS, Miss Manners or the Gay List Daily corporate overlords tell us we can’t accept a friendly gift?

Well, we’ve found a new obsession that will make us the envy of every wino in town. The good type of wino, that is.

It’s called the “Puzzle” tray. Not only will it hold your favorite vino, cute little pieces of cheese and an array of exotic olives, it actually doubles as a genuine work of art. An investment in creativity, if you will.

Designed by contemporary design duo Stephanie & Bruce Tharp who were commissioned by Newton Vineyards, only 112 were made. Each piece is numbered and imprinted with the artists’ insignia, but the fact that it has a real function makes this the kind of art we can drink to.

The blocks can each be removed to become coasters, individual serving “plates” or simply add interest to your wine-and-cheese spread.

Then, after your sixth bottle of wine, have fun figuring out how to put it all back together.

Oh, and make sure to pick one up for yourself while you’re at it. You deserve it.

“Puzzle” Wine Tray, $499