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Sound Investment

When you’re jamming hard to The Wanted, the last thing you want interrupting your groove is the sound of your boyfriend asking you to empty the litter box.

Or a flight attendant telling you to grab the seat bottom cushion, leave your $5 Pringles on the tray table and jump into the Atlantic.

Or maybe you do want to hear those things.

With the HF3 headset and earphones from Etymotic, you’re finally in control of everything that goes into your ears. (Well, except that super-stealthy old guy who keeps slipping his tongue in there when you’re not looking.)

Gone are the days of being forced to don a pair of clunky headphones the size of Princess Leia buns in order to block out unnecessary sounds around you.

With these little gizmos, you can block nearly 98% of environmental noise and focus exclusively on your tunes. Or the Savage Love podcast.

Yet what happens when you’re zoned out on the treadmill and the fire alarm is sounding? Besides the fact that you’ll probably see people running past you screaming and stealing exercise balls, the HF3 comes with a special app that actually listens to your surroundings and alerts you if there’s a sound louder than the background noise.

But the most important feature of these headphones? They have astonishingly great sound. And you can even use them to make hands-free calls on your iPhone.

From inside a helicopter flying over a fireworks show during a thunderstorm.

$179 retail
$120.99 at Amazon.com