Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fantastic Plastic

Let’s face it. As gift givers, we’ve gotten lazy. Very lazy.

But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because laziness equals gift cards. And we’ll take a GC any day over a lame-o candle. You can’t eat candles, after all. (Well, maybe the soy ones in a pinch.)

So even though we used to practically kill ourselves seeking out the perfect gifts for people, we’ve finally come to terms with gift cards and think they’re a perfectly respectable present.

Plus, it’s fun tying them to cinder blocks and wrapping them in TV boxes. We just love the look on their faces when they see 32” Flat Screen, but instead find $25 to Red Lobster.


Well, now for us and the millions of gift card enthusiasts worldwide, there’s a fan group called Gift Cards Rock dedicated to little plastic pieces of joy.

We’re telling you about the site for two important reasons:

1. By becoming a fan, you can keep updated on tons of contests and ways to earn free gift cards, and…

2. They gave us two $25 gift cards to Spa Finder to give away to our subscribers, so we wanted to share the love.

So if you love gift cards like we love gift cards, simply Like their Facebook page and be on your way to early retirement. One Olive Garden gift card at a time.


We’re giving away two $25 Spa Finder gift cards, thanks to our friends at Gift Cards Rock! Enter to win one of them at gaylistdaily.com/giveaways. Must enter by 11:59 p.m. tomorrow (April 25).