Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Over Your Head

Remember when all your worldly belongings would fit comfortably inside a Hefty Bag? Yeah, neither do we.

That’s because we put the product whore into hoarding. When we go on a weekend vacation, we need a separate suitcase just for our grooming products. And two carry-ons for our shoes.

Don’t even get us started on what’s required for a week-long gay cruise.

More recently, we’ve gotten better at packing because those checked bag fees are putting a huge dent in our tropical drink budget. Saving $50 to $100 per round trip by packing only carry-on bags is huge motivation.

And we’ve just found the bag for the job.

Introducing the Boyt 22” Expandable Glider, the epitome of versatility (just like our favorite men).

Made of super-premium ballistic nylon (the stuff they use for bullet-proof vests), it resists almost any wear-and-tear that can happen to a piece of luggage.

But since you’re carrying it on, you’ll rarely have to worry about the trauma inflicted by baggage handlers. If you do, it’s got a stellar warranty that includes free repairs, including airline damage.

It’s expandable, too, so you can bring home all those “National Bikini Inspector” t-shirts for your group of ironic gay friends.

Empty, it weighs a mere nine pounds and even though it’s ultra-compact, clever design allows you to actually pack a three-piece suit without wrinkling.

You know, for formal night on the beach.