Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sucks Like A Champ

Cue the Sara McLachlan music. We just adopted a new animal because of a TV commercial.

To be more precise, we just welcomed home the Dyson Animal DC39 with Radial Root Cyclone technology. And it’s utterly adorable (for a purebred).

Never before have we been more excited to spend an afternoon sucking dust out of tight spaces. OK, our day with Elton John comes pretty close. (Damn that guy loves to vacuum!)

We got the Dyson because we love their bagless balls. With no bags to replace and a washable filter, once you buy one of these suckers there are no hidden expenses down the road.

And this is THE vacuum cleaner for anyone with pets.

We have a pack of dogs and the fur battle is constant. With our old vac, we always suspected that there was a lot more hair than what showed on the surface (like a Kardashian).

So we decided to put the Animal to the test. We vacuumed our sofa with the old vac, then again with the Dyson and its special pet-hair attachment. The canister filled up with hair quickly. Who knew our sofa was Emerald Green and not Rat Terrier White?

The vac maneuvers quickly and easily, and the long wand makes it easy to clean up high (air vents, chandeliers, disco balls…).

At close to $500 the Dyson is definitely an investment, but it truly is the best vacuum cleaner we’ve every owned. And because we were nicknamed the Human Hoover in college, we think we should know.

(Save 20% on all Dyson products through May 13, 2012)