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Jonesing For Java

Some music makes us want to drink.

But Norah Jones makes us want to drink coffee.

We can’t explain it, but whenever we hear her music we’re immediately transported to a comfy chair inside a Starbucks where we’re sipping on a tall iced mocha.

Her sound is just so soothing, like the perfect balance for the caffeine coursing through our veins.

Jones’ newest album, Little Broken Hearts is out today and does not disappoint, whether you’re looking for a mellow friend for an hour or simply wish to be transported through her introspective lyrics.

Each of the CD’s 12 songs is co-written by Ms. Jones and Mr. Mouse (aka Danger Mouse/Brian Burton, who also produces the album).

To get a vibe for the album, check out the music video (embedded below) for the single, “Happy Pills.” (Ah, something we know and love so well.)

Take a look (and listen) and we think you’ll agree that Jones continues to be one of the coolest women in show business today. Unlike others who need the help of tons of computer software and digital trickery to produce a marketable sound, she relies solely on immense talent and one of the purest voices around.

She’s one Jones with which few other singers can keep up.

Little Broken Hearts
Released today
$8.99 CD on Amazon.com
$9.99 on iTunes



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