Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Your Mom's A Drunk

Some of our best childhood memories are painting clown faces on our Mom when she was passed out on the sofa following “afternoon coffee” with her neighborhood friends.

So we know a thing or two about a tipsy Mommy. And we’re sure we’re not alone.

Remind her of the influence she had on your upbringing with a gift that is useful in so many ways. Not only does it clean up messes of a non-emotional kind, it also keeps the recipient from making embarrassing wine-pairing blunders at, um, afternoon coffee.

Introducing Wine Pairing Towels, which coincidentally come in a pair, too!

One towel features a guide to red wines, the other, white. Mom can select a type of wine she already has hidden under her mattress in her cabinet and decide what food to pair with it, or she can match a wine to the casserole already bubbling away in the oven.

With 68 wines and 56 types of food per organic cotton towel, you get up to 3,808 possible combinations.

That’s a lot to get through before Mother’s Day, but we have faith she can handle it.