Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Make Us Blush

Now that Obama has come out in support of gay marriage, it’s time we make a statement of our own that many will find equally shocking/exciting.

We wear makeup.

And not in a RuPaul kinda way either.

No, we’re men to the core. We pee standing up. Shoot polar bears for sport. And just happen to love a little pink lip gloss now and again.

That’s why we love the new men’s cosmetic line from Three Custom Color Specialists. They’ve got a whole group of products designed just for men.

There are clarifier pencils that you apply to the inner rim of your eye to decrease the appearance of redness to make your eyes pop!

Three Custom’s concealers discreetly hide things like under-eye bags. Or ill-advised Mike Tyson-esque face tattoos.

Brown CTP Blush is a secret of many of Hollywood’s leading men, who use it to subtly emphasize their cheek bones. (Little known rumor: Channing Tatum has no bones in his face whatsoever.)

Use their translucent powder to prevent that afternoon shine that makes you look like you rubbed your face in a plate of fried chicken.

And of course, what cosmetics line would be complete without a little bronzer to give that fresh-from-the-beach look.

So come on. Join the growing ranks of men who wear makeup.

It’s just one more way to make radical conservatives crazy. And more than a little bit jealous.

From $16.50