Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Vibrato Is Not A Sex Toy

It’s time to get fancy, fellas. The Fort Worth Opera Festival begins its 66th season tomorrow.

Over the next four weekends, you have the opportunity to catch four singing masterpieces.

In Tosca, you’ll get your most traditional opera experience. Big sets. Big chorus. Big sopranos. All with enough lust, deceit and revenge to make you forget Desperate Housewives is ending this Sunday.

The Marriage of Figaro will make you ROTOHFL (roll on the opera house floor laughing). It’s what happens when happily ever after, well, isn’t.

Three Decembers puts you close to the action in a tale of an aging Broadway diva and her off-stage family drama.

And finally, Lysistrata is a contemporary opera (and the regional premiere) about the Athenian and Spartan women who refuse to put out until their men stop starting wars.

The composers of Three Decembers (Jake Heggie) and Lysistrata (Mark Adamo) are openly gay, too, so expect a few inside jokes that only we will understand.

Just don’t expect them to be as obvious as they were in Sean Cody: The Opera.

Fort Worth Opera Festival
May 12 – June 3, 2012
Tickets: $25 – $147
Full schedule here

Bass Performance Hall
525 Commerce Street, Fort Worth
(877) 396-7372

Gay List Giveaway!
The generous folks at the Fort Worth Opera have given us two tickets to each of the operas for us to giveaway to our loyal readers (that’s you!). Go to www.gaylistdaily.com/giveaways for full details.