Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Splash Dance

This time of year, we’re busy working on three things.

  1. Finding a wardrobe of new swimsuits,
  2. Concocting the perfect pool-party cocktail, and…
  3. Wallpapering the dungeon where we keep the poolboy.

But we realized there’s an important element missing: Summertime fun music.

There are always certain songs that just scream, Summer! Like, um, “Summer” by John Denver. Rock out, sister!

We’ve found another album, though, that’s even hipper than that. And it has some tracks that are definitely making our Splash Dance 2012 Pool Party Drowned in Vodka DJ Re-Mix Mix (we have to have a theme for everything, you know).

It’s the second album from Neon Trees, entitled Picture Show. The wonderful synth-pop-rock hybrid is totally infectious and we have a mad crush on lead singer Tyler Glenn, who reminds us a lot of Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears in action.

The first three tracks alone are enough to get any party started, especially “Everybody Talks,” which is also one of our favorite music videos in a while.

If you’re not dancing giddily after watching that, we’re very sorry, but you can’t come to our pool parties.

Because we have two strict rules.

  1. No peeing in the pool, and
  2. No buzzkills anywhere near it.

Neon Trees: Picture Show
$7.99 on iTunes



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