Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Poppin' With Cherries

In our constant endeavor to live a healthier lifestyle, we’ve been making some pretty drastic changes.

Like only drinking vodkas flavored with fruit. Why eat a piece of cherry pie to get our daily servings of fruit when we can drink a cherry cocktail?

(We’re still shocked more people don’t buy into our common-sense diet plans.)

Just in time for summer, we’ve discovered a delicious new flavor: Grey Goose Cherry Noir. It’s made from rare black cherries grown on hillside orchards surrounding the village of Ixtassou, France, a charming place nestled between the Pyrenees Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, known for producing the world’s finest black cherries.

And we would drink nothing less than vodka infused with the world’s finest anything.

Of course, we enjoy this vodka simply on the rocks with a squeeze of lime (not because we’re drunks, because of the calorie savings). You believe us, right?

But we also created a cocktail ourselves that’s pretty tasty. First, we made a simple syrup infused with fresh mint. Then we added a few drops of that to the Grey Goose Cherry Noir and put it in a shaker with ice and fresh lime juice, poured it into a rocks glass, and topped with club soda.

It’s a cherry limeade for adults.

Now, we’re gonna destroy the business of the non-alcoholic lemonade stand run by that stupid little 5-year-old down the street. She won’t know what hit her.

The finest black cherries in the world, that’s what.

$29.99 (average retail price), 750ml