Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Adam, For Adam

Even though we finally broke our addiction to American Idol once the judging panel became useless two seasons ago (yes, JLo, STy, and RJa, we’re talking to you), we will always have a fondness for the superstars and new-generation gay icons the reality competition has created.

Kelly Clarkson. Clay Aiken. Carrie Underwood.

But nobody in the history of the show has worked us into a frenzy the way Adam Lambert does. Perhaps it’s his near-albino-gingerness-turned-badass-rocker that won us over. Or maybe just how he hits high notes like few other men in the history of recorded music.

Lambert’s newest album, Trespassing, is deeply personal and highly motivational with one power anthem after another.

His homosexuality is never hidden, either, which is extremely rewarding for fans who look to artists for honesty. The 12th track, “Outlaws of Love,” is perhaps one of the album’s deepest, covering sensitive topics about people thinking he’ll rot in hell, and being stereotyped long enough for being gay.

From start to finish, Trespassing indeed made us feel like we were invading the very soul of Lambert, causing us to fall for every song from the very first chorus of each. And oddly enough, we feel empowered to dye our hair jet-black, paint our nails and throw on some serious platform shoes.

Guess we’re officially Glamberts now. Our reign as Mayor of the Claymates just wasn’t meant to be.

Adam Lambert: Trespassing
$9.99 at iTunes
$11.99 deluxe version at iTunes