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Real Houseknives of New Jersey

It used to be sufficient to have one knife in the kitchen for all your cutting needs.

Then, somebody decided it was important to have a green knife and matching cutting board for veggies, a red set for meats, a yellow set for poultry and a blue set for seafood.

So we bought them all. But that wasn’t specific enough for us.

After all, we cook a lot of wild game at home and the simple “red” knife for meat wasn’t going to cut it.

But now, straight from a New Jersey Housewife’s back comes the knife of our hunting and gathering dreams. The Kuhn Rikon Colori Safari collection is available in leopard, zebra or tiger print, so we can now butcher up our favorite zoo creatures without fear of being unfashionable by using the wrong colored knife.

Because if you’ve got Zebra fajitas on the menu and you pull out his still-beating heart with a fruit knife, that’s just plain barbaric.

Sets from $38 at amazon.com