Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Freedom Of Speech (And Music)

If there’d been cell phones back in the 1940s, Miss Daisy would’ve probably been driven off a cliff by one very distracted chauffeur.

Because as we all know, our hands should be firmly grasped onto the steering wheel while driving. Not drinking a Big Gulp, using an electric shaver or checking into Facebook from our phone.

There are already enough distractions on the road (deer, children, planking nuns) without the added interruptions of phone calls or impromptu Madonna sing-alongs.

But now, keep your hands where they should be thanks to one simple device: The Bluetooth Internet Radio Car Kit for iPhone from Livio Radio.

It turns your car into a hands-free paradise. Make and receive phone calls through the built-in microphone and your existing car speakers. Or listen to any music app (Pandora, for example) or the iTunes library on your phone.

Download the free Livio app and stream tons of free Internet radio stations, too.

It’s all done through the magic of Bluetooth, your car’s 12V adapter and that old-fashioned radio thingamabob called FM frequency.

Now you can use your hands for something more important. Like flipping off that driver who just drove by with a Mitt Romney bumper sticker.