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Dessert For Dinner

When we think of magic cookies, it typically involves tree-dwelling elves. And fat elves at that.

But now there’s a Magic Cookie that might actually live up to its name – by helping us lose weight and stay fit.

Created as the result of 25 years of health and wellness research and development, the über-nutritious cookie and other products from Biosanes are a labor of love for a mother-daughter team with a great story of perseverance and inspiration.

The Magic Cookie comes in two flavors: Natural Oatmeal Raisin and Gluten-free Granola Cranberry with Chia. Each cookie has 1/3 of your daily nutrition requirements thanks to tons of protein, vitamins and minerals. Every ingredient is designed to help boost immunity and naturally suppress hunger.

Plus, they’re packed with all-important fiber, which for us is great. Without a product like this, our weekly fiber intake was completely dependent on how many veggies the bartender put in our Sunday brunch Bloody Mary.

But the biggest perk is that these actually taste great compared to other meal replacement bars and snacks. They’re so filled with seeds and grains that you almost feel instantly healthy after one bite (sorta like a  one-night stand with fitness trainer Bob Harper).

So if you’re looking to keep a muffin top from hanging over your swimsuit, it’s time to pick up a cookie.

$3.49/each; $42/14-pack