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Just Your Type

It’s fun to watch old movies just to see how drastically technology has changed over the years. Phones still had cords. Music came from scratchy phonographs. And people wishing to send official correspondence used some contraption called a typewriter.

It’s true! These giant machines were used to crank out words and sentences one loud, violently struck consonant, vowel and punctuation mark at a time.

So in a genius blend of old and new (kinda like JLo and Casper Smart), you can now convert an old typewriter to be an external keyboard for your iPad.

It’s the perfect gift for a Dad who’s reluctant to fully embrace technology. Or simply to be the center of attention when you pull it out at Starbucks.

You can spend a pretty penny getting one ready-made, or put your crafty skills to use and convert one on your own for much less.

Either way, you’ll have something to be proud of. Because this is a much better idea than that web site selling iPods glued to old Walkman cassette players.

Typewriter conversion kits, $79 here
Ready-to-go typewriter kits (iPad not included), from $699 here