Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

100% Cotton, 100% Pride

We’re the first to admit: JCPenney is probably the last place we think of shopping for clothes. Not because they’re bad, it’s just a store that’s not really on our fashion radar.

But thanks to some risky (and appreciated) marketing to the gay community, we’re ready to ditch our full couture wardrobe for a closet full of JCP just to say thank you.

It all started with the hiring of Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson in a series of hilarious ads. Then they shocked the ultra-conservatives with a Mother’s Day ad featuring lesbians.

Most recently, the Father’s Day ad with two dude dads has caused all sorts of media hoopla. (And to our fashion point, we’d totally wear that striped shirt and those cute boat shoes!)

Well, now they’re doing it again by supporting equality for gays everywhere in a simple-yet-powerful tee.

“Love is Love. Don’t hide your pride.”

That’s the message, plain and simple.

And for $10, we’re happy to make that the first piece of JCP clothing we’ve ever purchased.

Who knows. At this rate we may soon be buying our first pair of Dockers.

JCP Pride Tee, $10