Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sarah, Plain & Funny

There are plenty of great ways to flit away your summer, which officially begins tomorrow by the way.

You can lounge by the pool every day drinking fizzy cocktails. Volunteer for charity. Or even plant a vegetable garden.

But if you want to laugh your way through the longest days of the year, few things could be as hilarious as all 850 minutes of The Sarah Silverman Program’s three-season series, out today on DVD.

At its best, the short-lived program borders on comedic genius. At it’s worst, it might make you pee your pants at its brilliant absurdity. Either way, this show is one of those rare gems that was either too ahead of its time, or too smart in its nuanced stupidity.

Because of its polarizing content and structure, most people either loved it enthusiastically or hated it vehemently. So if you’ve never seen an episode, prepare yourself for one eventuality or the other.

What it does boast, besides the first sitcom plot involving a woman licking a dog’s butt (not counting Downton Abbey, of course), is one of the most refreshingly un-stereotypical gay couples ever to appear on TV. Brian and Steve (Brian Posehn and Steve Agee) are disgusting slobs who don’t care about their appearance, physique or any of the other trappings that many gays fall victim to.

They also love marijuana. Sci-fi. And farting in jars.

Best of all, the DVD set is filled with extras, including interviews with the writers and producers, audio commentaries, audition videos and the original pilot.

What it doesn’t have is vampires, real housewives or crime scene investigators.

And for that, we’ll forever be grateful.

The Sarah Silverman Program: The Complete Series
$44.99 at amazon.com