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Rubbing Your Face In It

The secrets to long-lasting youth (besides marrying rich) are working out, eating right and staying out of the sun.

Or at least wearing a really good sunscreen.

All the dermatologists, spa aestheticians and roadside lotion peddlers we’ve ever talked to disagree about the proper SPF for facial use, so it’s always hard to know what’s right.

For us, we prefer SPF 15 for daily application because it’s lighter than higher protection factors like SPF 30 or 45 that go on thick and white. We want to be protected from the sun, not look like we’re ready to mime our way out of an invisible box.

Plus, because we’re exercising as part of our daily ritual toward eternal youth, we’re reapplying in the middle of the day anyway.

So, this summer we’re all about Face Defense SPF 15 from Murad.

It’s super-light, oil-free and, most importantly, shine-free. It shields against UVA and UVB damage, while antioxidants and other ingredients help repair skin and restore elasticity at the same time.

Basically, you’re protecting your skin against future damage while repairing what’s already happened.

But only what’s happened to your skin. Unfortunately, it can’t do anything to get the “We Are Young” chorus out of your head.

Or erase the trauma of discovering your grandmother’s boudoir photos in the attic.

$33, 1.7 fl. oz.