Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pump Up The Volume

Apparently, people think we like sticking things in our ears. That’s the only explanation for why we receive so many different types of headphones in the mail.

Most of them aren’t worth sticking inside any of our head holes, but every so often we come across a pair that truly lives up to its claims.

This month, we’re jammin’ to the sounds coming out of our Crescendo DS-11 high-fidelity earphones, the same style designed for use as in-ear monitors by musicians.

Plus, they isolate the sound superbly, delivering precise, balanced audio reproduction with natural bass. The can even be used with your own custom-molded earbuds (if you’re so inclined and just happen to have those lying around the house).

They’re certainly not cheap, but if you’re a stickler for the best sound quality possible for that new Justin Bieber album you downloaded (six times), these might just be the earphones of your dreams.

Rhythm, and taste in music, not included.

$199 at amazon.com