Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hate, Joan & Other Four-Letter Words

Reading in summertime shouldn’t tax your brain too much. It’s, like, unconstitutional or something. Besides, there’s only one shade of grey we’re interested in. His name is Anderson Cooper.

Leave it to Joan Rivers, though, to put out a book that’s as easy-to-read as it is spit-out-your-mojito hilarious. It’s what our aunt would call a “bathroom book” thanks to its teeny-tiny entries that take five minutes (or less) to read.

Meet your new favorite book of quick-fire jokes: I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me.

Topics of Joan’s hatred include the Octomom, women who breast feed in public and the term “partner” for people in gay relationships (she prefers the term “f**k-buddy”).

So is there anything she loves? Actually, yes. Gay and lesbian parents. And the death reel at the Oscars.

Pretty much, that’s it.

But we’d read 242 pages of funny unkind words from Joan Rivers any day over even one motivational message re-posted by our friends on Facebook (which we’re pretty sure she hates, too).

Joan Rivers: I Hate Everyone… Starting with Me
$17.13 hardcover at amazon.com
$12.99 on Kindle