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21st Century Snail Mail

Ever since our postal route was assigned a sexy, young mail carrier with a penchant for the shortest blue shorts available (and the uncanny ability to rock a pith helmet), our quest to save the U.S. Postal Service from extinction has been totally reinvigorated.

E-mail, tweets and Facebook have all put a huge dent in the amount of non-junk mail we receive in our actual mailbox. Nobody sends hand-written letters any more, either (and if you’re like us, our handwriting is starting to deteriorate from lack of practice).

But now, there’s an app that’s bringing a modern spin to an old-fashioned concept: the postcard.

For decades, they’ve been a vacation staple allowing you to notify friends and loved ones of how great your life is when you’re away from them.

With the free Cartolina Postale app, simply take a photo (or pick an existing one from your gallery) and add it to one of 32 cool, vintage-looking designs. Add a message directly from your iPhone or iPad (or paste one in from another program), address your postcard and for $1.99, they’ll print the card and deliver it anywhere in the U.S. within 3-7 days.

You can even enter multiple delivery addresses to send out several cards at once.

Perfect for mass apologies. Like “Oops, you may have herpes” notices to everyone from last night’s hot tub party.

Cartolina Postale App
$1.99 printing and delivery within U.S., $2.99 internationally