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Camping With Couture

Can you really mix plaids and stripes? Is a wool-polyester blend an appropriate textile for a wedding dress? And just how much bedazzling is too much bedazzling on a funeral veil?

The answer to these, and many other fashion questions can be yours for the learnin’ if you enroll in one Project Fashion Camp from The Pro Artist Group, benefiting the American Cancer Society.

This fab summer camp experience will be so much better than the one you remember from your childhood (mostly because there’ll be air conditioning and no campfire Kumbaya sing-alongs). But also because you’ll be able to learn the ins and outs of the fashion styling industry, possibly laying the groundwork to become the new Brad Goreski (or at least be able to legitimately add him to your LinkedIn network).

Project Fashion Camp encompasses all facets of the biz, from fashion styling workshops to hair and makeup concepts. Guest speakers with decades of professional experience will share their wisdom. And a Fashion Model Boot Camp means you can explore your inner Tyra, too.

It all culminates with a final fashion show where everything you learn will be put to the test.

So whether you’re looking for a new taffeta path in life, or just want to learn some skills for dressing your best (or making fun of others with more authority), Project Fashion Camp could be just what your Inner Size Zero ordered.

Project Fashion Camp
July 9 – 13 or August 6 – 10
$500 (Mention Gay List Daily for a 20% discount)
Ages 13+ (Adults over 21 expected to make up at least half the class)
Complete schedule and application online

Photo credit: Randy Anderson



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